Are My Habits Harmful to My Eyes?

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Certain habits can harm your eyes.

Both poets and scientists have been fascinated with the eye for thousands of years.

These organs allow people to see the faces of their loved ones, enjoy sunsets, and read books to enrich their knowledge.

Although most people rely heavily on their sight, they often neglect the very organs responsible for this essential function.

According to a recent AARP article titled “The Worst Habits for Your Eyes,” several habits can harm your eyes over time.

Eyes are important organs in the body.
The choices you make each day may be hurting your eyes.

What are they?


Smoking is commonly recognized for the negative impact it can have on general physical health.

Research also has found connections to eye problems in addition to the smoke simply causing irritation.

Studies found smoking cigarettes increases the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

This eye disease blurs the central vision.

Although people over age 55 already have an elevated risk for the disease, a study in Australia found those who smoked had a four times greater risk of developing AMD than those who did not smoke.

Additionally, the smokers were found to have onset five years earlier than non-smokers who developed the condition.

Looking at your smartphone.

Have ever you felt your eyes becoming tired when viewing a screen?

Looking a your smartphone, tablet, or computer for long periods of time has been connected to disruption of sleep patterns and symptoms of chronic dry eye.

How can you protect against these consequences?

Every 20 minutes, you should rest your eyes by focusing on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds while working on your device.

Additionally, you should put your phone and laptop away for a few hours prior to bedtime.

Failing to wear sunglasses.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been connected to skin damage.

It can also cause damage to the corneas, surface tissues, and lenses of your eyes.

AMD, cataracts, and cancers of the eye can develop from this damage over time.

Additionally, did know your eyes can be sunburned?

Yep, they can.

This is called photokeratitis and is quite painful.

To help protect yourself, you should wear sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection even on cloudy days.

Sleeping with your contact lenses.

Your eyes needs a break from your contacts.

Leaving your contacts in while you sleep can lead to infection.

Infection can result in your cornea becoming permanently scarred and in loss of vision.

Rubbing your eyes.

Occasionally rubbing your eyes is normal and will not typically lead to eye damage.

If you rub your eyes often and aggressively, you can damage you cornea.

Kertonocus and other uncommon cornea diseases are correlated to excessive eye rubbing.

A better way to find relief is to use a hot washcloth or to use lubricating eye drops.

Sleeping with your makeup on.

Similar to sleeping with contact lenses, sleeping with eye makeup can increase the risk of developing an infection in your eye.

One common infection is the growth of a stye.

Although removing eye-makeup is important, it is best to use a mild face soap rather than an oil-based makeup remover.

Because your eyes do a lot for you, implement habits to keep them healthy as you age.

Reference: AARP (Dec. 16, 2021) “The Worst Habits for Your Eyes”

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