Kansas and Missouri Estate Planning

Gifting to children
Estate Planning

When Should My Children Inherit?

Several strategies exists when it comes to providing inheritances to children. People loving giving advice. It seems everyone has an opinion about something. People especially

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day, 2021

On Veterans Day, November 11, we remember all of those who have served in the United States military. However, on Memorial Day, the third Monday in

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Biden tax plan
Estate Planning

What is the Biden Tax Plan?

The proposed tax plan would impact the estate planning of many Americans. In leadership transitions, you can expect changes. You can see this with college

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Grandparents scam
Elder Law

What Is the Grandparents Scam?

The grandparents scam targets elderly individuals. People are not inherently trustworthy. A healthy dose of caution is in order when interacting with strangers. There is

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