Can Climbing Stairs Improve my Health?

Climbing stairs
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Climbing stairs can help prevent injury as you age.

The ability to balance is vital to mobility.

Mobility is key to living an independent life.

Instability can lead to falls and serious injury in seniors.

There is a reason why homes with master bedrooms on the ground floor sell like hot cakes to retirees.

According to a recent Livestrong article titled “Want to Age Well? This Everyday Activity Improves Balance and Prevents Falls,” taking steps to improve balance can lead to greater freedom in old age.

Climbing stairs can improve your health.
Walking up and down stairs can reduce the effects of aging on mobility and balance.

What can you do to strengthen or reinforce your stability?

Climbing stairs is a simple and effective way to build up muscles in calves, core, glutes, and quads.

Although people lose muscle mass as they age, the loosing strength in your lower leg muscles can be especially dangerous.

This can significantly increase the risk of falls and serious injury.

Nearly one in four seniors will experience a fall each year.

Those with better strength will be able to balance and decrease the risk of falling.

Climbing stairs can also help you maintain mobility in your joints.

Having a full range of motion allows you to better enjoy activities with your loved ones.

The balance and mobility triggered by stair climbing activate joints in ankles, hip joints, and knees.

In addition, going up and down stairs will engage your cardiovascular system and improve your aerobic capacity.

I have heard it stated that your legs are your “second heart” and lower body activity keeps your blood circulating.

Weight-bearing exercises help make bones stronger.

Because you are working against gravity when climbing stairs, your bones take on extra load.

With greater bone density, you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

If you are interested in reducing risks associated with aging, you an start by simply climbing stairs.

Bottom line: to maintain your ability to climb stairs as you age, continue to climb stairs as you age.

Reference:  Livestrong (July 17, 2022) “Want to Age Well? This Everyday Activity Improves Balance and Prevents Falls”

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