Can I Jump Straight Into an Exercise Routine?

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Exercise is essential to heart health.

Few people really enjoy exercise.

The workout itself can often feel frustrating.

However, most people do like the sense of accomplishment after their workouts.

According to VeryWell Health article titled “3 Best Exercises for Heart Health, all people benefit from physical activity even if they do not enjoy it.

Exercise is important for heart health.
The shift from a sedentary to an active lifestyle can benefit from a gradual increase in exercise intensity.

Although exercise has numerous health benefits, adaptions may be required for individuals with certain medical concerns.

It is wise for those with high blood pressure, heart condition, or experiencing shortness of breath to consult their physicians before beginning an exercise routine.

Even if you do not have these symptoms, you should consult a healthcare provider and undergo a physical exam before beginning a fitness routine.


Ensuring your cardiovascular and respiratory systems are healthy enough to sustain your desired exercise routine is best.

Doctors can provide directions for exercising with your safety in mind.

Generally, walking at three miles per hour is considered a safe form of moderate-intensity exercise.

Even so, adults with significant blood vessel, heart, joint, or muscle problems may find this too strenuous.

Heart disease negatively affects the cardiovascular system as the heart must work harder to pump blood during exercise.

Starting with shorter and lower-intensity exercises can build your heart’s strength to handle more demanding physical activity.

Your physician may also advise you to keep your heart rate within a specific target window.

This may mean taking breaks if your heart rate rises above the limit your physician gives.

Doing so can prevent damage to your heart from cardiac overload.

Your physician will calculate this target range based on your average resting heart rate.

As a result, it will be personalized to you.

What counts as exercise?

Exercise is any planned and structured physical activity.

It can involve strength training, aerobic exercise, and stretching.

How much exercise is ideal?

Either 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity is recommended each week to reduce the risk of heart disease and promote good heart health.

Those who live a sedentary lifestyle without exercise increase their risk of developing health conditions in their hearts and other organs.

Younger adults and seniors benefit from physical activity to promote heart health and keep their muscles strong and flexible.

Rather than shocking your system, it is best to gradually build the frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise to allow your body to adapt and prevent injury.

If you want to get in good physical condition, remember to mind your exercise, diet, and sleep.

Beyond genetics (after all, it is tough to pick your ancestors), these three ingredients to good health are within the control of each of us.

Reference: VeryWell Health (Dec. 16, 2021) “3 Best Exercises for Heart Health

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