Can My Pets Join Me in My Nursing Home?

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Pets need you to plan for their futures.

Your pets are a part of your family.

Maybe you have dogs.

Perhaps you prefer casts.

Maybe your house is home to birds, fish, or exotic critters.

Whether your pets have feathers, fins, or fur, these family members have been your companions for years.

Unfortunately, your health is declining.

You will soon need to move into a nursing home or an assisted living community.

What will happen to your pets?

According to a recent Huffpost article titled “Pet Retirement Home Rescues Dogs In Their Golden Years,” the answer depends on several factors.

Pets cannot join you in a nursing home.
You need to plan for your pets future without you.

Does the facility allow residents to keep pets?

Some assisted living facilities allow for pets with restrictions on type, size, and number.

Nursing homes do not allow pets to live with residents.

You need to plan for this unfortunate reality.

What can you do?

The best option is to have the pet remain in your home with your spouse, other relative, or family friend.

This allows your pet to have a sense of normalcy even though you are no longer there.

If this is not an option, you could ask a friend or relative to take the pet into their own home.

Although you will not get to live with your beloved pet, you will know your pet has a home with people you trust.

If you have no friends or family to take in your pet, you could contact a rescue organization.

These may be breed-specific, so it is important to research accordingly.

If no rescue organization exists, you may be able to find a “no-kill” adoption center.

Not all animal shelters provide this service.

If your pet ends up at a typical animal shelter, it will likely be euthanized if not adopted.

If no plans are made, some pets are merely abandoned and forced to fend for themselves.

Start planning to protect your pets and ensure they have a home.

References: Huffpost. (accessed November 8, 2019) “Pet Retirement Home Rescues Dogs In Their Golden Years.” 

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