Did Anne Heche Have an Estate Plan?

Anne Heche
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Anne Heche died tragically last month.

Tragedy is a common theme in dramas.

Many actors spend their careers portraying people caught in heartbreaking circumstances.

Throughout her career, Ann Heche brought to life many characters navigating challenges and loss.

According to a recent CNN article titled “Anne Heche’s son petitions to assume control of her estate,” her sons are now living their own stories of loss after her sudden death.

Anne Heche died without an estate plan.
Anne Heche died after a car accident in Los Angeles.

Heche died on August 5 at age 53.

Her car crashed into a home in Los Angeles.

After suffering critical injuries and severe anoxic brain injury, Heche was removed from life support and died.

Anne Heche left behind two sons, 20-year-old Home Laffoon and 13-year-old Atlas Tupper.

Laffoon has petitioned for control of the estate and also submitted a Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem for his minor brother.

In this petition, Laffoon also listed both himself and his brother as intestate heirs.

Having received this petition, the courts scheduled a hearing on October 11 to review and evaluate the request.

At the time of her death, there was no known official last will and testament documenting the wishes of Anne Heche for her estate.

Additionally, the size of her estate is unknown at this time.

As such, the estate of Anne Heche will be the subject of a forensic accounting.

Despite not having a last will and testament, at least at the time of this post, Heche had designated that her organs be donated and her remains created.

The final resting place for her ashes will be the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

While her children are grieving their mother, they must also contend with the probate courts and intestacy laws of California.

To avoid leaving your loved ones in a similar situation to those of Anne Heche, work with an experienced estate planning  attorney to create a plan to protect everyone you love and everything you have.

Reference: CNN (Sep. 1, 2022) “Anne Heche’s son petitions to assume control of her estate”

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