Did George Harrison Disinherit his Sister?

George Harrison
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The estate plan of George Harrison failed to fully accomplish his goals.

The Beatles was a cultural phenomenon.

Its music has garnered generations of fans and influenced the work of other musicians.

Financial success followed fame.

According to a recent MSN article titled “George Harrison’s Sister Said He Would Have Been ‘Horrified’ to Learn She Was Cut Off by His Estate,” George Harrison chose to provide some financial support for his sister with his money.

George Harrison left a large estate.
The estate of George Harrison cut of pension payments to his sister.

Although sister Louise and brother George were estranged for many years, they reconciled shortly before his death.

What caused their estrangement?

Louise ran a bed and breakfast out of her Illinois home called “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Although she did not own the business, she cashed in on her connection to her brother to promote the vacation spot.

It seems George Harrison did not appreciate this and broke contact with Louise.

Prior to his death, George and Louise reconciled.

She was able to visit him in the New York hospital where he was receiving treatment for cancer.

As a result, Louise was able to have greater peace when he later died.

In 1980, before their estrangement, George set up a “pension” of sorts for Louise.

She already had two failed abusive marriages with alcoholic men.

Consequently, George advised her not to marry again and said he would provide a $2,000 monthly stipend for her .

Despite this wish he both communicated and acted on in life, the Harrison estate cut off his sister shortly after his death.

According to Louise, she tries to remain positive because she learned from her brother how money is not the most important thing in life.

We may never know if George intended for Louise to be cut off after his death.

If he had wanted to provide for her after his death, his estate plan should have been more clear.

Although you likely do not have a multi-million dollar estate like George Harrison, you will want to clarify your wishes with your estate planning attorney.

Reference: MSN (Sep. 23, 2022) “George Harrison’s Sister Said He Would Have Been ‘Horrified’ to Learn She Was Cut Off by His Estate”

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