Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

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Experienced estate planning attorneys are game changers.

Not all estate plans are created equal.

A DIY plan can be downright dangerous!

Mistakes are costly and the stakes are high.

You cannot fix these problems after you die.

According to a recent Next Avenue article titled “How to Find a Good Estate Planner,” you need to find an estate planning attorney now.

But how?

Experiences is essential for finding an estate planning attorney.
You should trust your estate planning attorney.

Find a Specialist.

Different lawyers have different focuses.

Your brother-in-law may be a great business attorney.

This can be helpful when setting up an LLC, but could fall short when it comes to your estate.

He may not be well-versed in estate planning.

If you do want to include him, ask him for recommendations of estate planning attorneys.

Ask About Experience.

Do you need a trust?

Maybe you want to bypass probate.

Is your family complex?

Perhaps you have a blended family or an estranged child.

Do you own a small business?

Maybe you want to pass it along to your children.

It is important to express your goals to the attorney and ask whether he or she has experience with handling estates similar to yours.

Understand Prices.

A number of factors influence the cost of any professional service.

These include location, the complexity of the estate, and the experience level of the attorney.

When meeting with the attorney, it is important to ask what the price will be and what it includes.


Not all attorneys have the same methods.

Do not be overwhelmed.

Finding an experienced estate planning attorney who you trust is essential when seeking to protect everyone you love and everything you have.

Reference: Next Avenue (September 10, 2019) “How to Find a Good Estate Planner”

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