Do Some Caregivers “Target” Seniors?

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Caregivers are not always trustworthy.

For aging seniors, caregivers can be incredible blessings.

They provide companionship, help with household chores, and assist with daily living.

Unfortunately, some caregivers are frauds who perpetrated elder financial abuse.

According to a recent Spectrum News 9 article titled “Investigators: Sarasota Woman Stole More Than $1M From 94-Year-Old Client,” Anna Bullinger from Florida is one such example.

Caregivers are not always trustworthy.
Make sure your caregiver is not a criminal.

Bullinger had a criminal history or theft.

As a caregiver for an elderly woman in Florida, she continued this behavior.

Since 2015, she cashed checks every two weeks signed by her client.

Through her exploitation, this caregiver stole $1.1 million from the trust of the senior.


This woman continued her ruse up to the death of her senior client.

She was only discovered when cashing a $90,000 check after the client passed away.

Elder financial abuse is a serious matter.

You can help stop it through vigilance.

Research caregivers before they are hired for or by your loved ones.

If you suspect elder financial abuse, you should call a hotline.

Kansas and Missouri both have such hotlines.

Law enforcement will investigate if there is evidence supporting the suspicion.

Reference: Spectrum News 9 (Jan. 3, 2020) “Investigators: Sarasota Woman Stole More Than $1M From 94-Year-Old Client”

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