Good Friday

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Do you stay abreast of local, regional, national and world events? In my 60 years I have never seen times quite like these.

Are things (everything really) falling apart, or are they falling in place? Are these simply the signs of the times, or are we living in the times of the signs?

What say you?

Regardless your world view, there is no denying that a very special life was lived roughly 2,000 years ago. [In fact, you actually acknowledge that life every time you consult your calendar.]

That special life ended in a most brutal way on a Friday known as Good Friday. Christians everywhere remember that Friday today.

Together, we also look forward to Easter Sunday  in a few days when we celebrate how that special life miraculously returned from the dead.

Here is a thought to ponder this Good Friday:

Look around and be distressed.

Look inside and be depressed.

Look to God and be at rest.

Wishing you and yours a most blessed Good Friday and Easter,


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