How Can I Become a Good Caregiver?

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Being a good caregiver involves more than meeting physical needs.

Your parents are getting older.

Their failing health means they require help with the activities of daily living.

You will be serving as their primary caregiver.

You are overwhelmed.

You want to do a good job but are not sure where to start.

According to a recent CaringBridge article titled “5 Tips to Be a Good Caregiver,” you can take steps to make your caregiving role less stressful.

Being a caregiver means you are constantly ready to help.
For aging parents, a caregiver is super helpful.


What you say is important.

How you say it is equally important.

Being a position of dependence can make your parents feel like a burden.

When discussing the needs of your parents, be patience and empathetic.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help from family and friends.

Take Care of Yourself.

As a caregiver, you are focused on the needs of others.

This can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

If this happens, you will be no good to anyone.

Be sure to take care of yourself physically and emotionally as well.

Have a Lot of Patience.

You may feel as if you are constantly messing up.

No one is perfect.

Your loved ones may get mad at you.

Do not take it personally.

If you need to make an adjustment, learn from it and move on.

Create Boundaries.

You need personal space as a caregiver.

Your loved ones also need personal space.

Talk with them about your limitations.

Listen to your loved ones to learn what they like and do not like.

By setting up boundaries, you can protect your relationship from strain.

Remind Yourself of Your Mission.

It is easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed by daily demands.

You may forget you are serving as a caregiver because you love your parents and want what is best for them.

Your relationship with your loved ones is your motivation.

Serving as a caregiver is not a simple role.

Having compassion on yourself as well as on your loved ones.

Reference: CaringBridge (Feb. 13, 2020) “5 Tips to Be a Good Caregiver”

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