How Can I Find Purpose in Retirement?

Purpose in retirement
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Purpose exists in retirement.
You can live with purpose in retirement if you are guided by your values.

Finding purpose in retirement leads to greater satisfaction.

People are “meaning-makers” by all accounts.

We like to understand our experiences and take lessons from them.

This is why stories have been important in all generations.

They help us identify who we are and who we want to be.

Many Americans have a limited view of their identity.

They think they are their career.

According to a recent Kiplinger article titled “Living a Life of Purpose after Retirement: 3 Action Steps to Take,” this can make for a rough transition into retirement.

For years they had a job to do.

The idea of being retired leaves many feeling a deep lack of purpose.

They simply consider themselves “retired” and nothing more.

The truth is people are neither their careers nor are they defined by their retirement status.

They are so much more.

When feeling stuck, it is helpful to reframe your age and retirement.

If you are retired, you have gained wisdom, insight, and talents throughout the years.

In retirement, you will continue to learn and grow and find purpose.

How do you start?

Reinvent Yourself.

Prior to retirement, your life was subject to the needs of your employers, co-workers, customers, clients, or patients.

You likely did not have an ample amount of time to just “be” you.

Even so, you probably felt a sense of accomplishment and purpose in what you did.

In retirement, you have an opportunity to fill your time with activities of your choosing and also simply rest.

Rethink How You View Money.

Money is an important aspect of life.

Whether you want to have an excess of money in your accounts for your own use or to leave as an inheritance, this is not the measure of success.

Your finances must simply be able to provide reliable income for your needs in retirement.

When you have this financial security, you will avoid a possible distraction from finding purpose in your retirement.

Consider Your Time.

How people view time influences what they do with it.

By thinking about what you want to accomplish in the latter years of your life, you can live with greater intentionality.

Seen in that light, retirement can be the beginning of new adventures and even more purpose in life.

Reference: Kiplinger (May 26, 2021) “Living a Life of Purpose after Retirement: 3 Action Steps to Take”

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