How Can I Help My Aging Parents During COVID-19?

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Help your aging parents during COVID-19.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to viruses.

In fact, the CDC reports 80 percent of reported COVID-19 deaths have been adults age 65 or older.

For this reason, many are home-bound in response to COVID-19.

They cannot spend time with friends and family face-to-face.

How Do I Help?

It is certainly a challenging time for those with aging parents or elderly friends.

According to a recent Considerable article titled “4 things you can do for your aging parents during the coronavirus pandemic,” although you may not be with them, you can provide support.

You aging parents could use assistance during COVID-19.
Help protect your aging parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What can you do?

Shop or help them place orders online.

The need for groceries and hygiene essentials applies to any age group.

Unfortunately, seniors who go to stores place themselves at risk of exposure.

Younger people with better immune systems should do the shopping.

Get a grocery list from your aging parents and purchase the items for them.

If you cannot physically do this, you can order the items for them and have them delivered to their door.

Contact them regularly.

Socializing can be another way you can help your parents.

You may not be able to see them face-to-face, but technology allows you to remain in contact.

Call them, Skype them, or FaceTime them.

Doing so allows you to directly support their physical and mental health.

Watch for scams.

Scammers tend to take advantage of panic.

If you hear about new scams, help your aging parents by discussing these with them.

Remind your loved ones of the Federal Trade Commission guidelines for avoiding scammers.

If they get a robocall, they should hang up.

They should verify online sellers and not click links from unknown sources.


Do not make donations without doing your research.

Keep them busy.

Staying at home makes anyone restless.

Send your loved ones activities to do like puzzles, board games, and books.

Set up a time to watch a televisions show or movie together, albeit remotely.

There are a number of ways you can help your aging parents during the pandemic.

Most importantly, you should remind them they are loved.

Reference:  Considerable (April 8, 2020) “4 things you can do for your aging parents during the coronavirus pandemic”

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