How Can I Report Elder Abuse in Missouri?

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Elder abuse reporting is essential to protection.

Abuse at any age is a terrible thing.

Still, some populations are more vulnerable than others.

One such vulnerable population is the elderly among us.

As such, elder abuse is an important topic for many state legislatures.

According to a recent KY3 article title “Missouri offers new online option for reporting adult abuse,” Missouri is making changes to provide better hotline support.

Report suspicions of elder abuse online.
You can now report elder abuse online.


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported that nearly 77 percent of calls to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service are going unanswered.


This leaves many adults with disabilities and elders in precarious situations.

So, how is Missouri addressing this issues?

The state will now utilize an online reporting system for elder abuse.

The system involves completing a simple form and answering six questions.

That is it.

Pretty simple and straightforward, yes?

After all, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services can only investigate what is reported.

How do you know what to report?

For starters, look for physical symptoms of elder abuse such as bruises, burns, abrasions, and breaks.

These could indicate physical neglect, abuse, or exploitation.

Bruising around genitals or breasts can indicate sexual abuse.

Withdrawal from actives and friends or depression could be signs of emotional abuse

Dramatic financial changes could indicate financial exploitation.

Poor hygiene, bedsores, or unattended medical needs can indicate neglect by a caregiver.

Arguments and verbal harassment between caregivers and the elderly may also be a warning sign.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, report them immediately.

The authorities cannot intervene to stop and prosecute elder abuse if they are unaware.

Reference: KY3 (December 2, 2019) “Missouri offers new online option for reporting adult abuse”

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