How do Green Burials Differ from Traditional Burials?

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Green burials seem to be growing in popularity.

When you think of funerals, what comes to mind?

Do you imagine a wooden casket and a rectangular hole in the ground?

Perhaps you envision a urn filled with ashes.

Maybe your mind recalls marbel mausoleums.

According to a recent Considerable article titled “More Americans are skipping traditional funerals in favor of green burials,” another option is growing in popularity.

Green burials focus on minimizing adding toxins to the earth.
Green burials are supposed to be better for the environment.

People are now considering “green” burials.

What is a green burial?

The green burials only utilize biodegradable materials.

This means instead of using a traditional steel, copper, bronze, concrete coffin, or even a concrete vault, the individual is buried in a cardboard box, plain pine box, or a shroud.

The body is not preserved through embalming.

This keeps chemicals from being placed in the earth from the embalming process.

Unlike cremation, these green funerals avoid potential toxins from spreading ashes.

Although green burials currently make up just five percent of all burials, 72 percent of cemeteries noted an increase in demand.

Why are these growing in popularity?

Price could play a significant role.

As you might expect, green burials are less expensive than traditional burials.

The burial plot will be the greatest expense, but the other fees will be significantly decreased.

Although more cemeteries are offering green burials, not all cemeteries offer this option.

If you want a green burial, you should do the research and make the arrangements yourself.

Do not leave this to your loved ones when you die.

You can find more information on the website for the Green Burial Council.

Reference: Considerable (July 25, 2020) “More Americans are skipping traditional funerals in favor of green burials”

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