Jerry Springer Last Will Confusion?

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Confusion surrounds the last will of Jerry Springer.

Many people enjoy watching the drama of others.

For some, it is another unfortunate avenue in our culture for schadenfreude.

Although this is evident from the numerous reality television shows in syndication following the lives of various individuals and families, this phenomenon is not new.

In the mid-1990s, The Jerry Springer Show underwent a reformatting to focus on many taboo and dramatic topics.

As a result, the popularity of the show increased.

The Jerry Springer show ended in 2018.

According to a recent The Daily Mail article titled “Jerry Springer viral for will giving large portion to two Black kids,” Jerry Springer again drew public attention following his death in April of this year.

The “reading” of a last will is something typically confined to storylines in books and films.

A video clip began circulating on Twitter of the media personality reading a last will.

Jerry Springer is in a video call with five other individuals in this clip.

The recording shows Springer reading a last will and explaining the reasoning to heirs.

Jerry mentions how he was prevented from having a relationship with his two Black children due to family dynamics.

He explains how he plans to provide for them by giving them a greater portion of his inheritance than his children born from his wife.

Numerous people believed the veracity of this clip and took to Twitter to commend his actions.

These supporters are likely disappointed that the clip was not about Jerry Springer himself.

Instead, Springer participated in a virtual play in 2020 called Blood Money.

This “last will” clip was from his cameo appearance.

Although his life was not as salacious as many of those who appeared on his television program over the years, Springer had highs and lows throughout his life.

Springer was born in London after his parents escaped from Germany during the holocaust.

Several of his relatives were not so fortunate.

Despite his television acclaim, Springer expressed his happiest moment on television was performing on Dancing With The Stars while his daughter was in attendance.

Jerry Spring was 79 when he died.

Reference: Daily Mail (May 16, 2023) “Jerry Springer viral for will giving large portion to two Black kids”

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