Life Events Checklist

Have Any Of These Things Occurred?

If you have experienced any of the common Life Events listed below (or others) since creating your estate plan (or since last reviewed), we should meet and evaluate their impact on your estate plan.

Family Relationships

  • Marriage, divorce, or remarriage
  • Death or incapacity of a spouse
  • Birth, adoption, incapacity, special needs, or death of a beneficiary     
  • Marriage, divorce, or remarriage of a beneficiary

External Changes       

  • State or federal estate, income, and gift tax law changes
  • Residency move to another state
  • Death of a named trustee, personal representative, or guardian

Economic and Personal Conditions

  • Substantial increase or decrease in personal wealth
  • Receipt of a large gift or inheritance
  • Change in business interests
  • Special concerns regarding a family member
  • Concern about paying for future long-term care
  • Concerns about parents and their estate or long-term care planning
  • Substantial change in life insurance amount or health/insurability
  • Real estate acquired in a different state
  • Retirement or nearing retirement