Should I Come Out of Retirement to Work?

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There are certain reasons to come out of retirement.

You are recently retired.

Adjustments are challenging.

You are enjoying the change of pace, but you still have concerns about time, money, and meaning.

You wonder whether you will need to come out of retirement in the future.

According to a recent MoneyTalksNews article titled “8 Signs That It’s Time for You to Unretire,” it may be better for some people to come out of retirement.

When might someone choose to return to the workforce?

Some people need to come out of retirement.
Applying for jobs can be daunting if you come out of retirement.

You have financial trouble.

Saving financially for retirement can be difficult.

You have bills to pay and children to feed.

Often this means people have less saved for retirement than they require.

Social Security will be insufficient to cover your lifestyle and needs in retirement.

Your retirement savings are minimal.

If this is the case, you may want to return to work to earn more income for your needs to supplement your retirement savings.

You are struggling to adjust.

You are bored.

You are spending a lot of time in front of the television.

Inactivity is not great for your health.

You also are also having a difficult time finding a hobby.

In fact, nothing seems to interest you except being productive in a job.

Returning to work could bring you purpose and a routine.

Your coworkers and your office.

Your colleagues felt like family and were close friends.

After all, how many television shows (especially comedies) are set in an office setting?

In retirement, you have been cut off from these connections.

Without more people in your life, you feel lonely.

You also enjoyed your work.

If you enjoy the productivity and the results of your labor, it may we wise to come out of retirement.

Returning to the workforce after retirement may be challenging.

Some potential employers may question your commitment to a job because of the gap in your employment history.

Prepare for these difficult questions.

You have business dreams. 

After being in retirement, you may have realized business passions you would like to pursue.

Perhaps you want to start selling cakes and pastries.

Maybe you have found a need to meet in your community.

Coming out of retirement could provide income while giving you an opportunity to work at something you enjoy.

Reference: MoneyTalksNews (June 23, 2020) “8 Signs That It’s Time for You to Unretire”

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