Should I Do Funeral Planning Now?

Funeral planning
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Funeral planning requires attention to detail.

The loss of a loved one is not easy.

It changes so many things.

An important person is no longer part of your daily life.

According to a recent Kiplinger article titled “Funeral Planning Can Prevent Further Grief,” the emotional toll is high after the death of a loved one.

Funeral planning is important.
People can take some funeral planning steps before they die.

At the same time, the demands on the family are also elevated.

In the midst of their grief, they must transition immediately into funeral and burial preparations.

The pressure will be high for them, especially if the death was unexpected.

Although consumer protection laws and licenses for funeral home directors exist, it does not mean your family will receive quality service.

Your loved ones should be able to honor you with dignity.

By funeral planning yourself, you can protect your family from additional stress or from a poor experience.

When you preplan your funeral, you should leave written instructions for your loved ones on how to handle your affairs.

You and your loved ones should do research to ensure the select funeral home business continues to be reputable.

If you die and the funeral home is not up to par, then your family should have permission to choose a better option.

Should your family find the need to change funeral providers, it will look for a different funeral home.

Once a contract has been signed for burial or funeral services, it can be nearly impossible to back out of the commitment.

If you are preplanning, do your loved ones a favor and be thorough.

How can you research funeral providers?

Find whether there have been complaints filed with state licensing agencies or the Better Business Bureau.

Additionally, you can look up county records for any lawsuits filed against the funeral home.

Once you have a list of funeral homes, you should schedule a time to meet with representatives.

They are required to provide a menu of services and choices prior to an agreement being signed.

If you feel pressure from the provider to purchase a package before seeing the menu, you should leave immediately and find a different funeral home.

Todd Schneider of Schneider Family Funeral Home and Crematory is a prime example of what a funeral counselor and provider should aspire to be.

Todd and his staff have taken care of the final arrangements for nearly every member of my extended family in the Mound City, Kansas area.

By taking funeral planning seriously, you can leave your loved ones with less stress.

Reference: Kiplinger (Jan. 10, 2023) “Funeral Planning Can Prevent Further Grief”

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