Should I Make Funeral Arrangements?

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Funeral arrangements can come with a high price tag.

Death comes to us all eventually.

It is not a question of “if” but “when.”

It is impossible to predict the time of your passing.

According to a recent article titled “Plan Your Own Funeral, Cheaply, and Leave Behind a Happier Family,” you should take time now to prepare for your funeral.

You should make funeral arrangements before you die.
Funeral arrangements can be more expensive after you die.


Grief and loss can be debilitating for those you leave behind.

It is difficult to think clearly and make plans.

Scrambling together funeral arrangements will be taxing to your loved ones and the bank account.

According too the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost for a traditional burial can cost more than $9,000.

This price includes a basic casket with a vault required by most cemeteries.

The price can exceed $15,000 for a burial with single plot, caretaking, and other expenses.


Cremation and a simple service can save you thousands of dollars.

On average, these cost $2,000 or less.

If you leave your loved ones to plan your funeral after your death, they may end up spending a larger chunk of cash than expected.

It is often difficult to comparison shop among those who provide funeral services.

Listing prices online is not required.

Similarly, funeral service providers may tell you something is required when it is not just to “upsell” you.

If you make your funeral arrangements in advance, you will have more time to select the best price for what you want.

What should you do?

Outline your wishes for your funeral.

Research your vendors.

Pay the vendors in advance if possible.

Place your wishes and documentation in a secure location where the executor and your loved ones will be able to access it.

Doing so will streamline your funeral arrangements, preserve more financial resources, and allow your loved ones to focus on celebrating your life.

Todd Schneider of Schneider Family Funeral Home and Crematory is a prime example of what a funeral counselor and provider should aspire to be.

Todd and his staff have taken care of the final arrangements for nearly every member of my extended family in the Mound City, Kansas area.

Reference: (June 21, 2020) “Plan Your Own Funeral, Cheaply, and Leave Behind a Happier Family” Elder Law Attorney, Funeral Planning

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