What are Benefits of Sitting on the Floor?

Sitting on the floor
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Did you know sitting on the floor can be a healthy habit?

Many Americans spend the majority of their days sitting while in the car, at work, and at home.

They may sit at a desk while working.

At home, they may prefer a couch.

According to a recent Livestrong.com article titled “Want to Age Well? Here’s the One Surprising Thing You Should Do Every Day,” sitting on the floor may actually be a healthy choice.

Sitting on the floor can improve your health.
Aging bodies can benefit from sitting on the floor and standing up at least once a day.

A study in 2014 demonstrated how the ability of a person to get up from the floor is a significant predictor for the longevity of individuals ages 51 to 80.

Those who struggled to stand up were more likely to die during the follow up research period by a rate of five to six times greater than those who easily stood up from the floor.


Although you do not need to ditch your furniture, spending a little time sitting on the floor and standing up from the floor each day can improve your overall well-being.

What are some of the specific benefits of spending some time on the floor?

Improved Balance, Stability, and Coordination.

Sitting on the floor and returning to a standing position engages your muscles and tendons throughout your body.

The repetition of these actions allows you to move with greater balance and reduces your risk of falling.

And seniors who fracture their bones often do so by falling.

Greater Mobility.

Many joints and muscles are engaged when moving from sitting on the floor to standing and vice versa.

Your elbows, feet, hips, knees, shoulders, and wrists must all be engaged.

Keeping these joints moving can prevent injury and pain associated with aging.

Developing a Strong Core and Legs.

Your core must be engaged when you move from the ground to a standing position.

Your legs also get a workout and can improve their strength.

Healthier Posture.

As you move from a standing position to a seated position or a seated position to a standing position, your joints must align for balance.

When your head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles are in a proper alignment, you promote a healthy posture.

People who sit on the floor are less likely to hunch their back than those who sit in unsupportive chairs.

Floor sitting encourages the body to sit upright.

Although sitting on the floor each day will not solve all of your health problems, it certainly has benefits for aging.

Plus, there is no expensive equipment to buy or club membership to pay.

What is not to like about that?

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Reference: Livestrong.com (June 19, 2021) “Want to Age Well? Here’s the One Surprising Thing You Should Do Every Day”

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