What are Common Health Problems at Age 50?

Health problems in aging
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The development of health problems is common for those over age 50.

Fifty is a big birthday.

The Big 5-0.

At this milestone, you have lived for half of a century.

Each year you have experienced new adventures.

According to a recent AARP article titled”7 Common Health Problems That Can Strike After 50,” these experiences and years tend to take a toll on your body.

Health problems are common as you age.
The risk of developing certain health problems increases as you age.

Consequently, many chronic illness are frequently diagnosed in those age 50 and older.

For those approaching or who have already reached age 50, it is helpful to know these common health problems.

That way you can take steps to get out in front of them.

High blood pressure.

High blood pressure is connected to both strokes and heart disease.

When arteries harden, they experience more pressure due to diminished elasticity.

How can you prevent complications from high blood pressure?

You can make changes to your exercise regimen and your diet to promote a healthy blood pressure.

Getting your blood pressure checked yearly is also important.

The reading should be at or below 120/80.

The top number should not go over 130.

This is considered high.

If this happens, you should talk with your doctor about treatment options.

High cholesterol.

High cholesterol also makes the list of common health problems for those over age 50.

It can cause plaque to buildup in blood vessels.

This plaque then can obstruct blood flow and lead to heart attack or stroke.

A combination of exercise, diet, and medication can help with lowering cholesterol levels.

While you are at it, talk to your doctor about taking a preventative low dose statin.

Doing so can keep your “bad” cholesterol number down and reduce overall inflammation.


Diabetes is common in many Americans over age 50.

More than 34 million have this disease and a majority of these cases are type 2 diabetes.

Lifestyle changes can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.


Arthritis and osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in your joints break down.

This can lead to stiffness and joint pain even when performing regular activities.


This is a common health problem for women over age 50.

In fact, 20 percent of women have this condition.

Osteoporosis involves the bones becoming weaker.

It is often a greater risky for those who are postmenopausal.


Bone density tends to decrease when estrogen is no longer produced.

You can prevent a loss of bone density by taking calcium and vitamin D and including strength training in your exercise regime.


Although cancer is counted among heath problems that can affect children or adults, the chances of developing cancer increases with age.

To help prevent negative impacts of cancer, women should have mammograms screening every two years and men should receive prostrate screening.

Both genders should receive screenings for colon cancer.


It seems about 20 present of those over age 55 have mental health concerns.

Of these issues, depression and anxiety are the most common.

Although health problems are more likely to develop as you age, you can take steps to decrease your risks by visiting your doctor, making changes to poor lifestyle habits, and exercising regularly.

Reference: AARP (May 18, 2021) 7 Common Health Problems That Can Strike After 50,”


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