What are Fitness Benefits in Aging?

Fitness benefits
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Fitness provides health benefits at any age.

What do you envision when you hear the word “fitness”?

Do you imagine elite athletes at the Olympics or professional level?

Maybe you think of personal trainers at a local gym.

You may even recall your own athletic competitions as a youth.

According to a recent Money Talks News article titled “7 Surprising Benefits of Staying Fit in Retirement,” fitness is not limited to a select few.

Fitness benefits you at any age.
A prioritizing your physical fitness can benefit your health as you age.

Although you should consult your physician before beginning an exercise routine, anyone can improve their fitness level and reap the benefits.

Exercising and eating healthy are especially helpful as you age.

What are the benefits of physical fitness?

Clearer Thinking.

Your brain benefits from exercise.

Working out has been connected to better cognitive functioning, lower stress and anxiety, and improved sleep and mood.

Lower Medical Care Costs.

Health care costs are not known for being inexpensive.

And these expenses only increase as you age.

Retirees spend about $6,800 out-of-pocket on health care per household each year.

Focusing on your fitness can lower health care costs and manage or decrease the risk of health issues like high blood pressure, depression, stroke, and cancer.

Life Insurance Savings.

Those who exercise and eat well often have lower life insurance premiums.


Those policy underwriters base the policy on the risk of death taking a variety of factors into consideration, such as the overall health, habits, vocation, and avocations of the proposed insured..

Happier Feelings.

Physical fitness can improve your mood and bolster your energy.

Exercise simulates the production and release of certain brain chemicals.

These chemicals lead to decreased anxiety and a more relaxed state.

Your self-esteem and confidence in your appearance can also improve.

Muscle And Bone Mass Loss Prevention.

Women are especially vulnerable to the loss of muscle and bone mass as they age because of menopause.

Weight and strength training can minimize this loss.

Continued Independence.

By prioritizing your physical fitness, you can live independently longer.

Specific exercises like tai chi may reduce the likelihood of suffering a life-changing fall.

Falls are commonly fatal.

In the very least, falls can lead to debilitating injuries for seniors.

Longer life.

Aerobic fitness is a predictor of a longer lifespan.

By exercising three hours each week, you could prolong your life by as many as five years.

Not exercising increases your chances of dying a prematurely, according to a 2018 JAMA Network Open report.

Although physical fitness cannot guarantee you will have no health issues, it provides many benefits you might otherwise not enjoy as you age.

Reference: Money Talks News (December 25, 2020) “7 Surprising Benefits of Staying Fit in Retirement”

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