What Happened to the Estate of Robin Williams?

Robin Williams
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Robin Williams complicated family dynamics with his estate plan.

Robin Williams was a gifted actor and comedian who brought laughter and joy to young and old alike throughout his career.

Despite his warm smile and carefree personality onscreen, Williams struggled with his mental health.

In August 2014, he took his own life.

According to a recent Fandom Wire article titled “I was still in shock”: $50M Rich Robin Williams Left No Money for Wife, Who Had to Fight His Kids to Keep Her Wedding Gifts from Being Snatched Away,” his death left both family and fans confused and devastated.

Robin Williams disinherited his wife.
Robin Williams did not discuss his estate plan with his wife.

After the last will testament of Robin Williams was read, his wife was bewildered.

Susan Schneider was married to Williams at the time of his death.

Despite the connection she felt with her husband, she found she was disinherited from his $50 million estate.

Nine years after his passing, Schneider is sharing about the betrayal she felt.

According to Schneider, she was still utterly confused three months after the death of Robin Williams.

Despite allowing her to live in the family home until her death, Schneider says Robin Williams left her vulnerable financially.

After his death, Schneider was told to leave the home so the executor could inventory everything and determine what belonged to the estate and what belonged to Schneider personally.

Leaving nothing beside a home to Susan Schneider, Robin Williams made specific, generous arrangements for his children from previous marriages.

Although the children of Robin Williams were provided for financially, several of them still brought a suit in court to claim the wedding gifts Schneider and Williams received as part of their inheritance.

The children of Robin Williams were ultimately unsuccessful.

The wedding gifts were confirmed to be the property of Susan Schneider.

Reflecting on her marriage with Robin Williams in light of his estate planning, Schneider believes Williams had secrets and serious problems.

She cites these issues as the reason for her exclusion from his estate plan.

Although your spouse may not have a $50 million estate, it is important for couples to discuss their finances and estate plans so there are no surprises when one spouse dies.

This is especially true for blended families with children from previous marriages like the marriage of Robin Williams and Susan Schneider.

Reference: Fandom Wire (July 30, 2023) “I was still in shock”: $50M Rich Robin Williams Left No Money for Wife, Who Had to Fight His Kids to Keep Her Wedding Gifts from Being Snatched Away”

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