What is the State of the Charlie Daniels Estate?

Charlie Daniels
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Charlie Daniels left behind a music legacy.

Musicians give the world a part of themselves through their songs.

While the general public can continue to enjoy the artistic talents of a deceased musician through streaming services, families and close friends feel the loss acutely.

This loss can feel even heavier when the musician failed to create an estate plan.

An exception ?

Enter Charlie Daniels.

According to a recent Billboard article titled “How Charlie Daniels’ Family and Team Are Locking In His Legacy,” Charlie Daniel did not leave his loved ones in a lurch with the added stress of dying intestate.

Charlie Daniels left a last will and testament to guide his loved ones.
Charlie Daniels left management of his estate to his son Charlie Daniels, Jr.

Although Daniels did not anticipate dying when he did (who does?), he created an estate plan to be prepared.

Last summer, Daniels died of a hemorrhagic stroke on July 6 in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Daniels was survived by his wife and son, Hazel and Charlies Daniels Jr.

Now, that son is settling the estate and managing the legacy of his father.

The estate of his father includes reviewing instruments, equipment, music royalties, and recordings.

As a dynamic fiddle player Charlie Daniels, released the hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and many other beloved songs, including “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” and “Long Haired Country Boy.”

Daniels also played with other artists like Bob Dylon in the Nashville Skyline album and toured with Leonard Cohen.

Recently, the first posthumous collection, Duets, was released and dedicated to Daniels and his wife.

The album includes previously released of duets with Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, Darius Rucker, and Garth Brooks.

The vault of the singer is estimated to include at least 40 master recordings, previously unreleased tracks, and decades of Volunteer Jams concerts he hosted around Nashville from 1974 to 1996.

These Volunteer Jams included artists Billy Joel, Don Henley, James Brown, and John Prine.

Daniels Jr. is also working with Sony to release or reissue recordings from the time his father was with Epic Records.

He has also created Charlie Daniels Brands to hold licensed product partnerships.

Unfortunately and understandably so, Daniels Jr. had to close the touring operation left by his father.

This included laying off 25 people on staff and selling some of the music memorabilia from his father.

Although settling the estate of a loved one is never easy emotionally, Charlie Daniels left his affairs in order for his son to seamlessly take control.

Well, done.

Reference: Billboard (June 24, 2021) “How Charlie Daniels’ Family and Team Are Locking In His Legacy”

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