When Should I Consider Home Modifications?

Home modifications
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Home modifications can help people age in place.

Getting older comes with changes to the body.

No big surprise there.

However, these changes can make independent living more challenging.

Many homes are not designed with aging in mind.

According to a recent Seasons article titled “Pandemic has made seniors more confident about aging in place, study reports,” seniors should consider making modifications to their places of residence.

Home modifications are helpful.
Making modifications can extend aging at home for seniors.

Many adults have not considered this option.

In fact, the University of Michigan reported only 15 percent of seniors had thought of making adjustments to their homes.

Families should begin having conversations early about plans for senior living as they age.

Seniors who fail to make plans for their future may be stuck without financial resources to move or receive care in a nursing home.

What should you discuss when having conversations about options for moving out or aging at home?

Talk about modifications you can make now to help in your senior years.

Review the locations of any bedrooms and bathrooms.

Are they present on the ground floor?

Does it make more sense to move in with family or downsize?

Is the house set up well for emergency or transportation needs?

If you choose to stay, would you be able to have caregivers reside with you or come daily to provide support?

If you do have caregiver support, decide the tasks you are comfortable with them doing.

Living alone as a senior can be disconcerting.

What actions or modifications can you take to become more comfortable with living alone?

As you begin planning, you can also make adjustments over the years.

In an AARP survey, about half of older adults said they would be willing to consider living in a multigenerational home or mother-in-law cottage.

Making plans for moving or modifications can help seniors age in place rather than in an institution.

Reference: Seasons (Aug. 9, 2022) “Pandemic has made seniors more confident about aging in place, study reports”

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