Where Should I Not Move in Retirement?

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Retiring to certain states is inadvisable.

Although America is one nation, it has 50 states.

These 50 states have different pros and cons when it comes to retirement.

Apparently, some states should be avoided.

According to a recent Financial Advisor article titled “Bankrates’ Top 10 Worst States to Retire,” people consider a number of factors when deciding where to retire.

Retirement is not equal in all states.
Moving in retirement should not be done blindly.

These factors include affordable living costs, proximity to friends and family, access to health care, low crime rates, and favorable weather.

Looking at these factors, ten states fell to the bottom in retirement appeal.

What are they?

Number ten was South Carolina.

Although many people move to this state from the north, the high crime and wellness scores dropped it to the bottom fifth.

New Jersey technically tied with South Carolina at 41st place, affordability made it an unappealing retirement spot due to its expensive cost of living.

What about California?

It came in at number eight because it too is expensive, but the wellness culture and favorable weather kept is from sinking lower.

Although Oregon has a great culture, it too is expensive.

For this reason, it takes seventh place for retirement appeal.

At number six, Nevada enjoys some good weather and culture; however, the crime rate and accessibility to wellness take away its shine.

Washington come in at number five because it is expensive and gets more rain than sun.

Number four is Illinois.

Although Chicago is fun, it is expensive to live in or around the city.

Wellness is also ranked poorly.

Alaska comes in at number three.

This cold state is dangerous, expensive, and inhospitable.
In addition to these factors, few people have family and friends nearby.

The second worst state for retirement is New York.

This state has a unique and wonderful culture, especially in the Big Apple.

Because it is incredibly expensive, it makes little sense to retire there.

The worst state in which to retire is Maryland.

Although it is close to Washington D.C. and its many attractions, the cost to live there is steep.

Fixed retirement incomes will not go far here.

As you can see, Kansas and Missouri did not make the list.

Living in these midwestern states is appealing in retirement.

If you do choose to leave, be sure to research the cost of living and try living in the new state for a few months to see if you like it.

Should you choose to move, be sure you find an experienced estate planning attorney in the state to ensure your affairs are in order after the move.

Reference: Financial Advisor (October 18, 2019) “Bankrates’ Top 10 Worst States to Retire.”

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