Who Will Inherit from Tina Turner?

Tina Turner
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Tina Turner left a musical legacy and a large estate.

Although celebrities often seem larger-than-life, they are not immune from challenges in life.

In the end, they are simply human.

Some die tragically alone.

Others pass away knowing the care and commitment of loved ones.

According to a recent Yahoo News article titled “Tina Turner’s husband will inherit nearly half her $250 million fortune,” it seems Tina Turner would fit into the latter category despite her tumultuous first marriage.

Tina Turner died in Switzerland.
It is likely the laws of Switzerland will determine who inherits the estate of Tina Turner.

Having divorced her abusive husband Ike Turner, she eventually found love and support in music producer Erwin Bach.

After a 27-year romance, they married 10 years ago.

Bach provided care to Tina Turner amidst her various health problems.

He did not shy away from marriage despite her 2013 stroke shortly before their nuptials.

Bach even sacrificed one of his kidneys to save her life in 2017.

Although Tina was predeceased in death by her two biological sons and her abusive ex-husband, she is survived by her husband, two adopted children, and a daughter-in-law.

Tina was 18 years old when she gave birth to Craig Turner, the child of musician Raymond Miller but was later adopted by Ike.

Craig died by suicide in 2018.

Ronnie Turner was her only biological son with Ike Turner.

Although Ronnie married Afida in 2007, he left her a widow in 2022 after a fight with colon cancer.

Tina adopted two of her sons from her ex-husband Ike.

With a successful career in music and in films and television programs like ‘Tommy,’ ‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome,’ ‘Last Action Hero,’ and her 1993 biopic ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It,’ Tina Turner amassed a net worth of nearly $250 million.

Just two years before her death, Tina sold her music rights and image to BMG for what is thought to be $50 million.

Because Tina Turner married Erwin Bach in Switzerland and also died in their $75 million Swiss retreat, 47 percent of her estate will likely be inherited by her husband and the rest will be divided among her children.

Reference: Yahoo News (May 28, 2023) “Tina Turner’s ‘husband will inherit nearly half her $250 million fortune’”

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