Why Use an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning attorney
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Working with an experienced estate planning attorney brings peace of mind.

Some laws are pretty simple to comprehend and hard to ignore.

Speed limit 45?

Do not drive faster than 45 miles per hour.


Other laws are more nuanced and less well-known.

According to a recent Cleveland Jewish News article titled “Attorney can help with estate planning process,” estate laws fall into the latter category.

An estate planning attorney protect your assets.
Not working with an experienced estate planning attorney places your assets at risk.

This fact makes DIY estate planning a dangerous idea.

Although there are several online programs available for creating your own power of attorney or last will and testament, approach these with caution.

Individual states have different legal requirements for estate planning.

A simple mistake is often overlooked until it is too late.

There is no changing your estate plan when you die.

Instead, your estate may slog through probate as the judge sorts out your final wishes and the fate of your assets.

With an experienced estate planning attorney, you can be confident that your plan will satisfy the laws of your state of residence.

When selecting an attorney, you should find one who can satisfy your estate planning needs.

It can help to search for a board-certified estate planning attorney in your state, if your state has such certifications.

Unfortunately, neither Kansas nor Missouri has such a state bar certification.

Choosing someone who specializes in estate planning is important because criminal law is distinctly different from estate law.

Estate planning attorneys who focus solely on “estate planning” take ongoing continuing education training to stay current with changing laws (and anticipate future changes).

Researching the independent ratings and clients reviews of estate planning attorneys is just prudent due diligence.

Two trusted third party online attorney directories are www.lawyers.com and www.avvo.com.

Each of these directories will help you compare and vett attorneys before making contact to begin the estate planning process.

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